Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the maximum depth of the lakes in the area?
A. Calling Lake: 60 feet
A. Chipewyan Lake: 25 feet
A. Graham Lake: 48 feet
A. Orloff Lake: 33 feet
A. Rock Island Lake: 30 feet
A. Peerless Lake: 116 feet
A. Sandy Lake: 30 feet
A. North Wabasca Lake: 55 feet

Q. What species of fish are in the lakes?
A. Northern pike, walleye, whitefish, yellow perch, cisco and burbot are the most common species, and lake trout are found in Peerless Lake.

Q. What is the record for Northern pike caught in the lakes?
A. North Wabasca Lake: Northern Pike 24.3 lbs caught June 2012
(We are always eager to hear about/see a picture of the latest "big one". Send in your pictures to (w

Q. Are there any smaller lakes north of Wabasca that a person can get to for fishing?
A. There are lots of small lakes in the area but most are only accessible through oil/gas roads and sometimes quadding trails. Plus the small lakes have primitive boat launches only suitable for small fishing boats. 

Q-When are campgrounds open?
A. Calling Lake Provincial Campground is open from May to Thanksgiving weekend
A. Wabasca Lions Club Campground is open from May-Long Weekend to September
A. Tanasiuk Campground at Rock Island Lake is open from mid-May to the first major snow fall (usually in October)

Building sandcastles at Wabasca Beach

Q. What if we were to use our holiday trailer, would we be able to stay at the campground for the winter months?
A. The campgrounds in the area close for the winter months. Jennifer’s Open Camp in Wabasca has trailer stalls available for the shoulder seasons.

Q. When will Eagle Point Golf Course be open?
A. The first nine holes opened in August 2013 with a very successful first season.  The course and clubhouse are open for the 2014.

Q. How did Calling Lake get its name?
A. From the Cree name "Kito-Sakahekan" for the sounds of ice cracking that echo for a long distance.

Q. Where does the name Wabasca come from?
A. When Cree people first moved to the area, they used the word “wapaskaw” to describe the area, meaning that the grass looked like it was white from afar. So Wabasca comes from the Cree word “wapaskaw”.

Q. Where does the word “Desmarais” come from? Isn’t it French?
A. In the late 1800’s the missionaries arrived here and there was an oblate father by the name of Father Desmarais. This how they got the French name. There are a lot of French names in this area.

Q. Are there any stores/gas stations in the area?
A. Yes, Calling Lake, Wabasca, and Red Earth all have amenities including stores, gas stations, and restaurants. A general store with gas services Trout and Peerless Lakes.

Q. What are some outdoor recreation activities?
A. Quading, boating, berry picking, bird-watching, hiking, swimming, sailing, canoeing/kayaking, camping, picnicking, photography, nature walking, fishing, and hunting. During winter months there is ice fishing, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, and snow mobiling.

Q. What are the available recreation facilities in Calling Lake?
A. Arena, Community Outreach Centre, outdoor basketball court, skateboard park, 3 km boardwalk trail, baseball diamonds, beaches, cultural grounds, boat launches and fishing dock, playgrounds/picnic areas, and the Calling Lake Recreation Centre complete with fitness room.

Calling Lake Skate Park

Q. Can a person obtain a map for the whole area Wabasca/Desmarais with all the names of streets including all the reserves?
A. Yes, but you would have to go to the MD office for a large map (for sale) and also to the BCN office for the reserves for this area. The Visitor Centres have fun maps free of charge but are not meant to be use for navigational purposes.

Q. I am coming to work in Wabasca. Where can a person rent?
A. There are open camps and hotels available. Depending on whom you are working for, the bigger companies usually pay for their employee’s meals and accommodations. If you want to move your family, places to rent are extremely hard to find. A person would have to buy/rent from a private owner or check out realtors online. Currently there is no residential land for sale through the MD in Wabasca. Up-to-date information can be found on the municipal planning and lands department webpage.

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